Dominique Davis-Hart, University of South Florida

I’m very happy to have been a part of the WHTH program for the past 3 years. Along with being able to afford my textbooks, I was able to hear and learn from professionals in a wide array of fields. As someone who struggled to pick a career path, it was comforting and inspiring to hear from our speakers that the path to success looks different for everyone, but is in everyone’s reach. I also got to learn about asset management, ranging from ways to budget all the way up to investments and buying stock. My goal is to come back in a year or two and be the one speaking and encouraging students! 

Shaylea Anderson, University of South Florida

Being a participant of the IT PAYS scholarship program has been an essential part of my academic career and abroad. As a participant I have attended workshops that discussed entrepreneurship, budgeting, investing and time management. These workshops have allowed me grow as a student and as young professional entering the workforce.  The IT PAYS scholarship program also helped me financially. At the end of each semester I was awarded money to assist with books and school expenses. I am truly grateful to Ms. Hargroves, the IT PAYS scholarship board members and all the speakers who facilitated the workshops. This program has changed my life forever.

Damarius Muldrow, University of South Florida

Tampa Bay Tech High School Instructor, WHTH Board Member

My experience as an IT PAYS Scholar included nothing but positive outlooks and people ready to lend a helping hand. WHTH guided and molded me throughout my 4 years at the University of South Florida and showed me what it took to overcome adversity and circumstances. Whenever I needed help or just advice on life this organization's leaders were always there to lead me down the right path. Without their help I know I would not be in as great of a position as I am now.       

Omaria McCrae, St Leo University

I really appreciate all you've done to help encourage me these past three years. I will forever be grateful.

Kayla Mention, Florida State University

We’re HERE To HELP sticks to their word; they are truly here to help. Being a part of their IT PAYS program has been a very useful and enjoyable addition to my college career. Not only did the program provide me with $500 every semester to pay for books, it also held regular meetings to help students improve themselves and their college careers. In these meetings we talked about our visions and plans for the future. The IT PAYS program workshop, “Leveraging Your Leadership Skills,” has helped me become a better leader. I have since moved in order to further in my college career and now attend Florida State University in Tallahassee. It saddens me that I will no longer be able to attend a workshop unless I’m in town. I truly believe I would not have gotten to FSU as soon as I did without the support and encouragement this wonderful program provided. Thank you guys for all your help. I am very grateful.

Charlotte Alba, Florida International University

To the board of WHTH Inc, Brenda Hargroves and Antonio Brookins,

THANK YOU so much for my surprise gifts in the mail and my certificate. It was a wonderful gesture and I really appreciate it. Thank you for accepting me into your program. It was such a wonderful experience where I was able to meet new peers, connect with a wonderful board and network with guest speakers! I have learned many things that I will take and use in life. The provided workshops really served their purpose! Thank you for all that you guys do. I miss you all dearly. God Bless!

Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it. 
W. Clement Stone
Businessman 1902-2002

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