Our mission is to guide economically and academically challenged students as they complete educational requirements needed to become valuable members of the workforce and earn gainful, living wage employment.



WHTH envisions a time when higher education aspirations are a realistic and achievable goal for all students, regardless of ethnic, cultural, economic or academic circumstances.




WE'RE HERE To HELP is committed to providing students with financial assistance and enrichment opportunities for a period of up to five years as they pursue an Associates/Bachelor’s degree or high quality vocational certification. To the best of our ability, we will remain supportive of our scholars as they reach educational milestones and beyond.


We believe that everyone can have an equal opportunity to strive for the life they want for themselves and their families. Education, something which can never be taken away, is critical to the reduction of poverty. Acquiring a relevant and meaningful education increases prospects for successfully meeting current and future workforce requirements and opens the door for unlimited possibilities.



Success will come to those who possess confidence and self-esteem, believe they are in control of their destiny and are dedicated to lifelong learning. Our goal is to nourish the development of individuals who are talented, creative, analytical, critical thinkers with effective communication skills.


We recognize that collaborating with others can bring value to our efforts. Therefore, we will continuously seek opportunities to partner with individuals and entities whose mission, goals or vision mirror those of our organization. We cannot, nor do we want to do it all ourselves.



The lowering of educational practices and criteria, coupled with our current economic climate, will leave a mark on current and future generations. If we are to remain competitive in a world that is steadily becoming more technologically advanced and offers less viable opportunities, we must ensure that the generations that follow are ready and competent to serve as innovative contributors to the workforce.


People have the ability to contribute to society in many different ways. While it important to stress the need for higher education, we must ensure that we encourage and support our scholars’ visions or dreams rather than pressure them into simply pursuing the goals imposed upon them.



The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others. 
Albert Schweitzer 
Theologian 1897-1965

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